What is the PTA?

The St John’s School Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is a charity organisation run by a volunteer team formed each academic school year. The team is made up of parents from the school as well as teacher representatives. It is closely supported by the Class Reps - 2 in each year group, and of course the parents and carers of children within each class.

The PTA brings together parents, carers, teachers, and the local community to support the school. The main aims are to:

  • Raise funds for the school to help provide additional classroom and playground resources.
  • Run social events for parents and children - building friendships across the school.
  • Help the school offer additional opportunities to the children e.g. by paying for drama workshops, fun activities and school plays etc.
  • Help the school with small building and grounds maintenance improvement projects - like our green team!

All events and activity contribute to the family feel that we have at St Johns. Anyone can get involved and help on an adhoc or annual basis so if you do have some time, however little, let us know. We are always grateful for help.

Getting involved

Watch out for notices that go up on the PTA noticeboard in the main playground and for emails and newsletters that are sent out from the School. You can also sign up to the PTA Facebook page. 

Every event needs help so if you can, please offer but, just as importantly, every event needs support so if you can, please attend. We try to make events good value and great fun whilst raising money for the school.

Sign up to 'Give as You Live'. For more details see the fundraising page of this website. Signing up makes a huge difference to the school at no extra cost to you. The school earns money whilst you do your regular shop!

What does the PTA do? 

Every term is different but we try to run an event for the children, something for the parents and something involving the wider community each term.

Past events have included class challenges, Christmas and summer fairs, auctions and raffles, parent's quiz night, the annual Bunny Fun Run, pancake day races, uniform sales, cake sales, ice cream sales and summer parties.

We work closely with the Class Reps to spread the word about our events so please ask them if you need information. There is also a list of current PTA team members on the PTA playground noticeboard – just ask us if you need anything. We are happy to help.

Raising money for our children

Funds raised by the parents and PTA are used for many different things: last year the PTA donated money to the school for new playground equipment. This spring the PTA secured funding for new vegetable beds from a Surrey Climate Commission grant. These are some of the other things money has been used for in the past: 

2018/2019 Large new rugs for the classrooms, new buddy bench for the playground, Tucasi online payment system, a Christmas pantomime and a Chinese dance workshop for the children.
2017/2018 Interactive whiteboards for each of the classrooms.  Replacement of equipment in the outside areas, including a mud kitchen, tricycles and outside learning resources.
2016/2017 Overhead projector, screen and sound system installed in the hall.
2015/2016 Purchase of IT equipment - new teacher laptops and tablets for classroom use, colourful new playground markings.
2014/2015 New computers purchased and provision of resources for Phase 2  of 
new on-site field.
2013/2014 Purchasing of new computers throughout the school.
2012/2013 “Revamping” pond area into an on-site  playing field.
2011/2012 Bluebell Cottage Refurbishment of outside equipment “No mow” grass 
for playground.
2010/2011 Tower Bridge
2009/2010 This was a big year for fund-raising to support the building project of an 
extra classroom for the children, a new staff room, refurbished kitchen and admin office.