What is the PTA?

St John’s PTA is made up of a group of fantastically motivated parents, carers, teachers, and the local community and together they raise money to support the school.  It provides an opportunity for everyone to work closely with the school towards a common goal – fund raising to enhance the educational provision for our children. Of course in the process much fun can be had!
All parents are automatically members of the PTA when their child joins the school.
At St John’s a group is formed late in the Summer term ready to get started in the busy Autumn term.  This group acts directly to manage events and fundraising activities throughout the year but they need your help.  Any amount of time, no matter how small, is always needed.  It may simply being able to offer half an hour to be on a stall at one of the Christmas or Summer Fairs.  Whatever you can give is much appreciated.

Getting involved

Watch out for notices that go up on the PTA Board in the main playground – you will walk past it at pick-up time.  Every event needs help so please offer but, just as importantly, the fundraising events need support so please attend.  Events are good value and great fun whilst raising money.
The text service will remind you of what event is coming and what’s needed.  Meetings are held regularly and all contributions are gratefully received.  If you cannot attend the meetings then there will always be a need for someone to make teas, run stalls or offer cakes for the sales.  Anything you can manage is always a great help!

What does the PTA do? 

  • Raises funds to help the school to provide additional resources for our children to make their school days even more enjoyable, such as equipment for the classrooms and playground.
  •  Runs social events for parents and children; school discos, Quiz nights, Dads’ Nights out, etc.
  •  Provides, free of charge, such contributions as a texting service, the Christmas Panto, Easter eggs for the Easter egg hunt, etc, as ways of saying thank you for your support.

All events that are held create a real sense of community and partnership and go a long way to contribute to the lovely family feel that we have here at St John’s.

Raising money for our children

Funds raised by our hard working PTA and parents have been used for many different aspects of 

2016/2017 Overhead projector, screen and sound system installed in the hall.
2015/2016 Purchase of IT equipment - new teacher laptops and tablets for classroom use, colourful new playground markings.
2014/2015 New computers purchased and provision of resources for Phase 2  of 
new on-site field.
2013/2014 Purchasing of new computers throughout the school.
2012/2013 “Revamping” pond area into an on-site  playing field.
2011/2012 Bluebell Cottage Refurbishment of outside equipment “No mow” grass 
for playground.
2010/2011 Tower Bridge
2009/2010 This was a big year for fundraising to support the building project of an 
extra classroom for the children, a new staff room, refurbished kitchen and admin office.