Personal, Social, Emotional Development and Wellbeing

A key priority everyday is that children are happy and healthy. We all learn best when we are happy and healthy in body and mind. We share with children the importace of having a healthy body and mind. We use emotional coaching to support children in recognising feelings, acknowleging we all have a variety of emotions and helping them to learn stratergies for dealing with all emotions. We look at ways to behave when we have these feelings and problem solve to decide how best to behave when we are feeling that way. 

We hope to foster resilience and emotionally literate citizens, who recognise their feelings and what works for them in managing those feelings. 

We know that relationships are important, we work to teach children about the importance of healthy relationships. 

" I learned that to have friends you first need to be a good friend." Year 2 child



Whole child development plan Yr R

Whole child development plan - Yr 1

Whole child development plan - Yr 2

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