Rabbits start their letter learning!


What we have been learning this week

We are so proud of you Rabbit Class!  You have made a super start to your letter learning - you are blending sounds to make words with these letter sounds, writing the letters and finding things that begin with that letter. My favourite letter learning this week was the letter "p" with paper pizzas and a pirate with a parachute, and we finished the day by listening to popcorn as it popped!  Oh, and we enjoyed eating it too!  You love sharing stories with friends and are becoming super story tellers. 


You have continued to practise counting lots of different things in lots of different ways. We have begun to tell number stories and looked at how the quantity of a number can be partitioned. So, for example, three can be 1 add 1 add 1, or 2 add 1. We have ordered the days of the week in our story too. 

We had an amazing time exploring the wonders of Autumn leaves - you were all able to explain why the leaf you had chosen was interesting. Some had holes, some had teeth, some were shaped like a star. Then there was the variety of different colours you spotted - orange, red, pink, brown, yellow, green and black. 


What we shall be working on next half-term

Next term our topic will be "Dark Nights and Special Lights".  We will cover changes in the seasons, how animals behave when the seasons change, celebrations and festivals that incorporate light. We will continue our letter learning, ensuring we can write our own name.

In maths we will ensure we count carefully and understand the quantity of a number. 

Our school value next term is Peace which we will explore in many ways including practising our mindful breathing.

How you can help with home learning

The children have letter learning sheets for all the letters we have learnt this term. I have also sent home flashcards for the first six letters - please feel free to cut them up and practise the sounds they make. You can also move them around to make words. Try hiding the cards and asking your child to run to find them, telling you what sound they have found.   Perhaps you could go for an Autumn walk, counting objects, finding big things and small things, or create an Autumn creature with the things you gather. 

General information 

The children will be bringing home a Show & Tell timetable at the beginning of next term which tells you when they can bring in something to show the class. The class can also ask each child questions about whatever they bring in. If it is something linked to our learning, that would be great but, if it is not, that is fine as long as it is an object they can comfortably talk about to the class. 

Have a lovely half-term and see you again on Monday, 29 October!


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