Rabbit Class and the changing seasons


What we have been learning this week

Well, our first week at Forest School went very well and great fun was had by all as we begin to look at the changing seasons.


We also began to learn our first oral story off by heart, so if you hear us reciting the story of "The Little Red Hen", you will know why!  Everyone remembered it so quickly and put it into practice by putting on plays, and by the end of the week a musical accompaniment had been added as well.  

We also really enjoyed making links in our learning this week when we made bread for our Harvest celebrations. It was also great to hear many of you offering to share your bread with family members as you took it home. Well done everyone - that's truly sharing the harvest!


Also this week we continued to keep practising our careful and accurate counting - don't forget to move things as you count them and don't rush. We even tried to find a large quantity, a small quantity and a quantity between these. 

We sorted ourselves into different groups this week too by looking at ways we are different and in what ways we are the same such as our hair colour, eye colour and age.  No matter what our differences or similarities, we remembered that we are all friends. 

We also learned about always trying our best in all we do - what a difference that makes when we do!

What we shall be working on next week

We will be starting letter sound learning next week which is really exciting and means lots of exploring the sounds that letters make and what each letter looks like.

We will be making harvest soup, which we hope will include some vegetables from our vegetable patch. We will be reading the story, "Pumpkin Soup" and discussing ways the characters help each other and how they could be more helpful. 

We will be looking at patterns in nature as we look for signs of Autumn. 

How you can help with home learning

Go on an Autumn walk - can you find a small leaf, a large leaf and a middle-sized leaf? You can repeat this with other objects such as sticks and conkers. Can you collect 10 conkers, acorns or leaves? What sounds do you hear on your walk? 

General information 

If you were not able to come along to the Literacy Meeting on Thursday, you should receive a copy of the notes in your child's book-bag tonight.

Please remember your child needs a named coat everyday and PE kits should now be in school. We are reminding children they are not allowed to bring things in from home. There will be "Show & Tell" dates after half-term when they can bring in something on a specific day. Your support in this matter is appreciated - thank you. 



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