Foxes and their baking!


What we have been learning this week

This week Yr 1 have really enjoyed making bread for our Harvest Festival Service in the church on Thursday morning. They worked really well in small groups to mix the ingredients and knead the dough. We took photos to compare the size of the dough before and after proving. The children then individually rolled their dough into a bread twist or snail before baking them in the oven - delicious!  


In maths this week we have been learning about subtraction. The children have been taught to use pictures and crossing out as well using a number line to count backwards to solve subtraction problems. The children have been encouraged to become confident at reading and writing the subtraction and equals symbols correctly. We have also asked the children to try and use different words for each symbol, for example, subtract, minus, take away, count back, equals, how many left. 

In English the children continued to use our "Supertato" story as inspiration to develop their own superhero vegetable. First the children were asked to develop word banks associated with good and bad characters. Next the children planned their own character by building banks of words to describe their characters' appearance and personality. The children then used this learning to write about the character at the end of the week in full and accurate sentences. Before writing, the children were asked to practise their idea a number of times to help it become clear and memorable. They were then asked to use prompts in the classroom to develop accuracy with punctuation, finger spaces and spelling. 

What we shall be working on next week

We are revisiting place value in maths next week. We will be focusing on accuracy when counting, reading and writing teen numbers. We will also begin to explore the language of 'tens and units'. 

We are learning about rhyme in English and next week the children will be making up their own nonsense rhyming captions. 

General information

We have had a number of parents come to see us about the yellow spelling books for practising at home. Please do come to see us if you have any questions. A letter previously sent home modelled how a double page can be used each week for your child to have five opportunities to practise.  Do ask if you would like another copy of that letter. 

Finally, please return any outstanding How I Learn Best sheets. We have spare copies available for those who need one.


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Badgers plan to get baking!


Badgers plan to get baking!