Foxes become story writers


What we have been learning this week

This week in English we have become story writers. We have planned our own story similar to the layout of 'Boa's Bad Birthday'. We have practised it by orally rehearsing the story with actions. This made it easier when we came to write the story. 

In Maths we have learnt how to solve a subtraction question by jumping back on a number line. We also learnt how addition and subtraction are linked. We call this a number family. 

This week in Science the children have been learning about the different seasons. They went on an Autumn walk to see if they could find signs of Autumn. 



What we shall be working on next week

Next week the children will be looking at shapes 2D and 3D. 

How you can help with home learning

The homework focus this week is phonics.

General Information

Letters about what the children will need to wear for the Christmas play have gone out - If you haven't received this letter please come and see Mrs Kibbler for more information. 

Show and tell dates:

Star Fish- Monday 26th November

Turtles- Monday 3rd December 

Crabs- Monday 10th December 

Sea Horses- Monday 17th December 

More news

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Badgers enjoy their Easter activities


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Rabbits share their shape knowledge