Foxes design their own space rockets


What we have been learning this week

We started off this week in great style. I am so grateful to you all by spending so much time with your children researching Tim Peake over the weekend, it really made our leaflet making come alive and inspired some great writing. In Maths we have started looking at groups of objects for multiplication and have practiced making our own sets of different groups of objects. We have looked at the senses in science and important people in religeon in R.E. We have also designed our very own space rockets to be made from recycling materials hopefully next week.


What we shall be learning next week

Next week we will be looking at different types of poetry and having a think about which ones we prefer before composing our own with a space theme. In Maths we are continuing with multiplication and looking at adding equal groups to find our total.

How you can help with home learning

Please play the multiplication dice game, instructions are on the sheet. If your child needs concrete objects to make the sets of equal groups e.g 3x2 is 3 lots of 2, you can use any small toys to help with the understanding or you can draw out the 3 lots of 2 in shapes or pictures. Please bring in any junk modelling material over the next week so we can begin to build our rockets, popular items which are needed are plastic bottles, cardboard boxes, kitchen roll tubes and yoghurt pots. Spellings this week (listed below) are adding the suffix of -ed to make words past tense.

General Information

I was very sad to have not been in school for the last couple of days due to an accident I had on Tuesday which has left me hobbling around and unable to come in. I am starting to get better and hope to be back on Tuesday. Please see below for this week's spellings as I was unable to give them out, but will give hard copies to anyone on Tuesday who wishes to have them on paper.

Group 1 – jump, jumped, start, started, our, where

Group 2 – shout, shouted, yell, yelled, today, friend

Group 3 – lick, licked, ask, asked, sure, water