Snails were a hit with Rabbits


What we have been learning this week

We have been enjoying our PE lessons on the field in this glorious weather, the field offers lots of space to excersise and see what happens to our bodies. We also have to practise our road safety. 


We have learned of a man called Jonah in a story from the Old Testament, he disobeyed God and was swallowed by a whale! He realised the error of his ways and asked for forgiveness which God gave him then trusted Jonah to do what he asked. 


We have been working hard to show things we can do by ourselves whether that’s writing messages, stories or number sentences. We have focused on the Snail and the Whale story and the “ai” diagraph. We tried to find snails, make snails, compare snails and write silvery messages from snails. 

What we shall be working on next term
We begin our topic of rumble in the jungle and look forward to learning about jungle animals, go on jungle adventures and continue our understanding of number and letter sounds. We will also try to make sure we can write and spell some key words. 

How you can help with home learning 
Continue your regular reading practice - it could be in different ways such as a hunt for words hidden in your garden. Make a treasure map. Can you make a picnic for people or toys? Make the sandwiches yourself, butter and cut the bread. Count how many things you need and share items fairly between everyone. 

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