Proud Foxes show off their work


What we have been learning this week

This week we have been busy carrying out all sorts of reading assessments in English this week as well as writing up all our information that we learnt about Tim Peake into our leaflets. The children completed these all on their own and they look amazing. Miss Hill was so impressed that she asked Mrs Bliss to come and have a look at our work. Mrs Bliss was very impressed and has given the whole class a Head Teacher’s award! In maths, we have been continuing with multiplication and looking at our doubles. We have now moved on to looking at division and putting whole numbers into groups and then seeing how many groups we can make. Also this week we also had loads of fun building our rockets in D.T, we were very good at looking at our designs very carefully to make our models the best they could be. What a busy week.


What we shall be learning next week

Next week we will be carrying out our writing and maths assessments just to check on what we have learnt so far. We will be looking at different writing stimulus and writing in different genres to see what we can remember and to show off our amazing writing skills. We will also be looking at the fundamental British values and British people.

How you can help with home learning

Please complete the worksheet on creatinng equal groups from a number as some of us were a little unsure about this. Spellings this week are the spelling ‘k‘ before e, I, o or y.

General Information

Please ensure P.E kit is in school on Monday and Fridays for our P.E lessons and both spelling books are in school on Thursday as this is when we have our spelling test and stick in the following week’s spellings.