Rabbits meet some tadpoles!


What we have been learning this week

This week, we are all very excited about our new visitors in the class - thank you to Sam for providing us with some tadpoles. They are such fun to watch and we are really trying to spot those legs growing! Keep using your noticing tool and you will see some soon. They have also been the start of some fabulous animal stories - I am so proud of you all. 

We loved our last Forest School adventure and were very excited to find two newts, and there was some great "working together" to build bug homes. 


Also this week we continued exploring the story of Noah in building an ark in the lovely wet weather.  We also carried on with this theme in our drama and movement class.


We have also explored sharing fairly in our personal, social and emotional learning and then made links in our maths learning sharing frogs fairly between logs. 

What we shall be working on next week

We will be reading “The Bad Tempered Ladybird,” which means we will be thinking about telling the time. We are also hoping to plant some seeds in our vegetable patch. 

We will continue to think about being fair and the feelings associated with this, and we shall also be continuing with our value of Trust and the importance of Honesty. 

How you can help with home learning 

Coming home in book-bags tonight you should find a phonics letter mat. This shows all the sounds you have learned, so keep practising and show everyone what you can do! 

There is also a WoW! Form in case you have completed your previous form/s.  Please feel free to write in a Wow for your child when they do some thing that “surprises and delights” you.  This could be anything from how well they use technology, or ride a bike, write a birthday card, or make up a song. 

General information 

Please check all your child’s clothing and ensure it is named clearly.  As the weather is beginning to warm up, more children are taking off their jumpers/cardigans and we can obviously return them to their rightful owners much quicker if they are clearly named!  Many thanks everyone. 

Have a great Bank holiday weekend and we look forward to seeing you again on Tuesday. 


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