Rabbits meet a Ladybird!


What we have been learning this week

Well, it may have been a short week this week, but we have certainly packed in lots of learning!  We have read the story of “The Bad Tempered Ladybird”, which we have used to remind us of the need to share fairly, doubling numbers and telling o’clock  times. We also played “What’s The Time Angry Ladybird?”

Outside we have planted seeds in our garden patch and now we need to take care of them. We are really enjoying testing our sense of smell with the herbs we have planted. I wonder which is your favourite?

We even put on concerts this week - with judges too...!


And while we used all our learning tools in these activities, we were also using our reading and writing skills in lots of ways this week. We wrote messages to Caramel the Rabbit and posted them in his postbox, and we wrote labels for our models too. 


Of course, we always enjoy sharing books with our friends and it's a hive of fantastic conversations, using our reading skills in a variety of books. 


What fantastic learners you all are, and we are all very proud of you. 

What we shall be working on next week

We will be reading “The Very Busy Spider” which we will use to think about how we write questions. Also, we will be thinking about capacity and the word skills we use such as empty, half full, full. We will be measuring how many things it will take to fill up containers, and we will also use our estimating knowledge too. 

How you can help with home learning

Could you practice filling containers in the bath, comparing containers, which one holds the most? Keep up the shape spotting. What shape are the containers you are filling? Also please carry on using any opportunities to discuss the o’clock times. 

General information

Please make sure you write in your child’s reading diary when they have read with you. 


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