Badger Class look at instructions!


What we have been learning this week

This week in English the children have been looking at the features of instructions. We read the story "Rascally Cake" which is about a man making his own disgusting cake.  The children took some ideas from the book, created their own versions and then had to write a set of instructions, describing how to make their cake. They have learnt about lots of different language features and have tried to include some of these in their writing, including, adverbs, imperative verbs, conjunctions, contractions and even some rhetorical questions. 

In maths we have been revising several mathematical concepts. The children have revised partitioning a 2-digit number into different combinations of 10s and 1s. They have also been learning how to round a number to the nearest ten. They have then used this skill to help estimate answers to calculations. 


Also this week Badger Class have been practising their May Pole dancing, and they have taken to it very quickly - well done Badgers!  We will continue to practise, ready to perform at the Summer Fair next month.


What we shall be working on next week

In English we will be researching animals and writing information texts about their chosen animal. In maths we will be looking at the inverse operations for all 4 operations. 

How you can help with home learning

When reading with your child try and vary the types of questions you are asking them. See if they can find examples of things in the text and that they can prove their answer by finding the exact words. Please continue to use the fish with spellings on it, to make a story. This is a good way to practise spellings. In maths you could go over the 4 different operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, and discuss the inverse.  To enhance your child's mental fluency in maths you could go through their 2, 3, 5 and 10 times tables with them. 

General information

New Show and Tell dates are: 

  • Grapes - Friday, 27 April
  • Orange - Friday, 4 May
  • Apples - Friday, 11 May
  • Blueberries - Friday, 18 May 
  • Cherries - Friday, 25 May

Please make sure your child has the correct PE kit in school - outdoor PE is on a Wednesday and indoor PE is on a Friday. 

Our spelling test will be on a Thursday, with new spellings to be given out on Friday, as well as new homework. 


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