Rabbits Fairy Tale Beginnings


What we have been learning this week

We have enjoyed our first fairy tale for this term, this was Jack and the beanstalk, we explored how the same story can be told differently. This has begun discussions on telling our own stories. We made our own fairytale castle and have begun telling stories with different characters. 


We have explored using footsteps to measure distances with feet. How many feet did it take to get across the room? Then by using tape measures around the room. 


We have begun focusing on our Christian value of forgiveness beginning this week with how do we ask for forgiveness? We were able to explore this further in our R.E topic of “people who Jesus spent time with” the first story in this learning being the story of Zaccheus. We were able to discuss who forgave Zaccheus. We made sliders showing Zaccheus climbing a tree to remind us of this story. 

What we shall be working on next week 

Yipeee it’s book week! We will be having a visit from the author Marcia Williams on Monday to start our week off. We will be focusing on oo oo in our phonics.  We will be swapping teachers for story time and dressing up as book characters on Friday. 

How you can help with home learning 

We have been looking at different types of coins when counting out money like the giant did. Can you sort some coins at home, find ones the same and talk about what is similar and what is different about the coins? Discuss your favourite book with your child and why. 

General Information

Well done to all those children coming into school independently and organising themselves. If you are not doing this yet please start to encourage your child to become more independent at putting their own things away. You are always welcome to come in and give us messages if you need to but it is really good to develop those independent skills in a familiar environment.