Foxes are frolicking in the sun!


What we have been learning this week

This week we have been weighing in Maths using bucket scales and talking about which items are heavier or lighter and then seeing how much things weigh with different non-standard units of measure. The children have grasped this concept really well and it has been great to see some fantastic team work going on as the children worked in groups. In English we have been looking at poetry and rhyming words. We have then learnt a poem and the makaton signs ready for our lovely Mummies to see in Mother’s Day assembly. We have planned out our experiment of the 3 little pigs houses and hope to carry out the investigation next week. Also in Science we went for a hunt around the playground for signs of spring whilst enjoying some spring sunshine. In R.E we have begun to learn about Easter and made stepping stones for us to walk through the story.

Yr-1-29-March-(1).jpgWhat we shall be working on next week

Next week in Maths we will be carrying out some assessments just to check on the children’s progress and to see what we might need practice on. In English will be learning about Hot Cross Buns and then creating an information sheet all about them. As Easter fast approaches we will be making Hot Cross Buns with the children to also help with understanding about following instructions.

How you can help with home learning

For spelling this week the children learnt the rule of 'double letter (ff, zz, ll, ss, ck)' after a short vowel sound so make sure you ask them to explain this week's spelling pattern to you. Please help us learn the words to our Easter rap ready for our service next week.

General Information

Please ensure that your child’s yellow spelling book and test book are in school on Thursday for our spelling test and for the following week’s spellings to be put in - we seem to have a few missing at the moment.