Foxes Marvellous Mathematicians


What we have been learning this week

It certainly looks like you all had a fantastic half term! Thank you for all the pictures, art work and sample treats from your amazing activities from your passports. This week we have we have been doing lots of practial Maths to help us with our place value knowledge. We have then extended this to using pictorial representations of our practical resources to help us compare numbers using the symbols <, > and =. In English we have been learning about letter writing and read the book The Day The Crayons Came Home to help us understand about different types of letters. We then received a letter from one of the crayons in the book who needs our help to return home to Duncan. We have planned some letters that we will be writing next week. Also in English we have learnt about vowels and consonants of words and the long vowel sounds and the short vowel sounds - this is then extended in their spellings this week. In Topic we have looked at Geographical Features specifically Landmarks and Weather of different countries.


What we shall be working on next week

Next week in English we will be carrying on our letter writing and begin to write some letters of our own. In Maths we will continue with place value and using the place value symbols.This time some of us will be looking at numbers as words too. We will then move on to order numbers using these symbols before moving on to counting in 2s. In Topic we will be looking at map making, linking our ideas from English about how Neon Red Crayon comes home and our geographical features knowledge from Geography.

How you can help with home learning

Please don't be alarmed by the amount of spellings this week, it is a one off. There are 10 because I would like the children to be able to spot the long and short vowels in their words as well as remember how to spell them. Therefore the marks are not as important next week as the talking about the letters in your practice work. For homework please explore 2 different countries and their landmarks as the children weren't entirely sure what these were. Have fun exploring the world!