Foxes and a Rainbow Fish!


What we have been learning this week 

The children continued to think about "The Rainbow Fish" this week.  They sequenced the main events in the story using story language, and then they also wrote questions to the main characters using question marks. At the end of the session children took turns to pretend to be characters from the story and answered questions in role. 

In maths we have continued learning about two digit numbers and how they are made up of tens and units or ones. We have also been counting in the 2s, 5s and 10s patterns and using this to solve simple pictorial problems.


The children also really enjoyed a drama workshop focused on outer space. It combined learning about planets whilst pretending to go on a space adventure. 


On our mufti day this week, the children all looked fantastic in their costumes - well done everyone!

What we shall be working on next week

We will continue to learn counting in number patterns in maths.  In English we will make changes to the story of "The Rainbow Fish" before writing our own stories. 

How you can help with home learning

Please look for opportunities to spot two digit numbers when you are out and about. Any counting in 1s over these bigger numbers is also important and especially being able to count backwards. 

General information

Please ask your children to put their homework into the homework folder in class whenever they have completed it. Many thanks.


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