Fox Class and the Easter Story


What we have been learning this week

We have continued to learn about the Easter story this week when the children discussed and sequenced the main events.  We have also spent time considering if Easter is a happy or sad time? The children looked at images from the Easter story and explored whether the event was one that could be celebrated or remembered though time for reflection. The children have also enjoyed making some lovely Easter cards this week.

In science we have completed our investigation into bread!  A few weeks ago we compared what would would happen to two pieces of bread - one had been handled by the class and one had not been touched at all. Each day the children have been asked to make observations about what is happening and this week it was most definitely time for the bread to be disposed of! Whilst talking about the results we talked about the importance of washing our hands and how not to spread germs. 


How you can help with home learning

I hope you and your children all enjoy a well deserved break over the holidays. Whilst you are out and about it would be useful to talk about and show your children any coins or paper money you are using. As we have been counting in 2s, 5s and 10s this could be linked to the use of these coins in particular. The children will be learning about weight and capacity after the break so continuing to talk about measuring tools and equipment, including units of measurement, would support them. 

Please continue to practise spellings little and often ready for the first week back and the children should all have a library book which can be shared together at home as well as their reading level book. 

General information

Just to say well done to all their children for all their hard work and learning over the last half term. We hope you all enjoy a lovely break and look forward to seeing you on Monday, 16 April for the start of the Summer term. 


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