Badgers and their bonds!


What we have been learning this week

This week in Badger Class the children have been focusing on their number bond facts and have been subtracting on a numberline, as well as counting back in tens and ones on a numberline. 

In English the children have been looking at the use of an apostrophe, including adding it to words to show possession and how it is used to replace a missing letter/s in a contraction.  The children have also been writing their version of "Mrs Armitage on Wheels". The children have shown some amazing writing features, including a range of sentence lengths, using adjectives, commas when writing a list, a range of punctuation and even speech marks for some. 

Last Friday was Badger Class’s final Forest School session. It was an extra special lesson as the children were lucky enough to explore a different area off site.  It was a fabulous morning when the children were able to showcase all of their learning from the Spring Term, identifying common trees, climbing trees and building dens. They also enjoyed hot chocolate and marshmallows around the camp fire!  It has been an amazing experience for children and they have learnt a lot. A huge thank you to Mrs Wills for giving the children this wonderful experience. 


How you can help with home learning

This term in maths we have covered 2D and 3D shapes, fractions, place value and addition and subtraction. Over the Easter holidays you could recap some of these topics with your child. Link it to any activities you do when you are at home or out visiting places and people. Children’s spellings over the Easter holidays will be to practise all of the Yr 2 common exceptions words.  Please practise these with your child and when we return to school, we will randomly select a few to test on them. Try to get your child to write some of the words in a sentence to support their understanding. 

A note from Mrs Kibbler:

I am extremely sorry that Parents' Evening had to be postponed again due to being ill at the beginning of the week. I can appreciate that it must be very frustrating for you, and I am sure you can’t wait to see the fantastic work your child has been producing this term. As you may already know Parents' Evening will now be held on Tuesday, 17 April and I look forward to seeing you and speaking to you about your child's progress and targets. Any questions you have, please do not hesitate to come and talk to me at the end of the school day. 

Have a wonderful Easter break and I look forward to seeing everyone again on Monday, 16 April!


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