Zoo explorers!!


What we have been learning this week

We have had the most amazing week which began with a fantastic trip to Marwell Zoo. You were all a pleasure to take and you saw so many amazing creatures, you were also brave enough to touch the strangest looking stick insect and a rat. We have written about our trip in our best writing with great spelling and finger spaces between words. You are all superstars. 


You have all been to visit your new classroom and teachers - they said you were amazing and ready to go onto Year One.  You also all helped to welcome new children to our school and your kindness, helpfulness and  friendship was outstanding. 

We have explored the special place for Christians in our village, what is it called? How do we know what type of building it is? Has it changed over time?  Who works in the building? 

We explored why the selfish crocodile didn't have any friends and what changed in the story to make him change his ways. 

What we shall be working on next week 

We will continue to explore the church building and when it is used. We will be making some 'guess what am I' books about animals.  We will be doubling and halving numbers. We will be reading Handa's Surprise. 

How you can help with home learning

Tell some one new all about your school trip - tell them why they should go to the zoo.  Which was your favourite animal? Can you find out facts about that animal? 

General information

Thank you very much to parents who helped on the school trip it is very much appreciated. 

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