Rabbits rumble in the jungle


What we have been learning this week 

We have enjoyed the story “Rumble in the Jungle”  to start off our topic. It has inspired some of us to write about animals. We have enjoyed shopping in our jungle shop for supplies to take on a journey. We have counted pennies carefully. We have written lists of things we might need to pack. 
We made some camouflage collage can you spot the animal that is hiding? 
We are all trying to challenge ourselves to do our best in all of our learning with and without grown up help. You are amazing learners. 

What we shall be working on next week 

We will be exploring the book “Dear Zoo”ahead of our visit to the zoo. If you wrote a letter to the zoo asking for a pet which animal  would you get ? We are thinking about churches and what they are used for? 

How you can help with home learning 

Have a look at coins and see if you can sort and match  the coins. Talk about times you have been to a church together. Spot churches in your journeys, how do you know it’s a church? How many can you spot?