Rabbits get ready for the zoo


What we have been learning this week 

We have enjoyed the book ”Dear Zoo” - we have been making our own pages of the book. We have designed and made flaps for the pictures too. Well done Rabbits you have used the story language, your imaginations and solved how to make a flap. We made some boxes for the animals. We have been using many of our maths skills - one more, one less, addition and subtraction. We have added up the number of legs animals have. What would be an elephant add an ostrich be?  We have looked at where different animals live comparing Churt with a jungle. 


What we shall be working on next week

We will be starting the week with a trip to the zoo and the rest of our learning will be around this experience. I wonder which animals we will see? Which animal will be your favourite? 

How you can help with home learning

Make your own packed lunch for our trip. Write a list of the things you need before making it. Make your own animal legs number sentences.