Phonics success for Foxes


What we have learning this week

This week we started the week in English by listening to ‘The Elephant’s child’ - a 'just so' story by Rudyard Kipling. We then planned out a character description of a jungle animal, we thought about what they might look like, what their personality would be like and what their interests were. We then continued to write our character description from our plans, putting our ideas into full sentences. We worked really hard on making sure our sentences are correct and we using all the correct punctuation. In Maths we have continued looking at Fractions and specifically Quarters this week. We have been busy making sure that shapes have been put into quarters by making sure that they are in 4 equal pieces. We then looked at sharing amounts or quantities. Some of us found this a little tricky to understand to share our amount into 4 groups. In Topic we looked at the Characteristics of Bird in the Jungle and what features they have to have as a bird. In R.E we looked at features of a church and asked lots of interesting questions about what they are used for or how why they look the way they do. We are then going to use our questions and visit the church on Wednesday morning to find out more about the church building. We have all worked really hard this week on our Phonics Quiz and have shown just how brilliant our reading is becoming! As a reward each child received a pencil saying just how much their teachers are proud of them.


What we shall be working on next week

Next week we will be writing a recount all about our trip to Marwell that is taking place on Monday. In Maths we will begin to look at position and direction. As well as our trip to Marwell on Monday, Tuesday afternoon will be the first of our transition meetings where half of the class will visit Badgers for the afternoon whilst half stay in Foxes and help some of Rabbits class familiarise themselves with our classroom. On Wednesday morning we will be visiting the church for R.E and then in the afternoon will be a chance for the other half of the class to visit Badgers class.

How you can help with home learning

Please have a look at the Quarters sheet at home to give the children a little more practice. Also for Monday please ensure your children are dressed in the appropriate clothing, have a rucksack that contains their packed lunch drink and a waterproof coat and sensible shoes. The children will be carrying their own belongings around with them so please ensure they can carry their own bags. If you would like to have a look at a free resource explaining the day to your child please use the following link.