Money Money Money


What we have been learning this week

With Sports Day fast approaching we have started to prepare for the big event and have been over to the school field to practice. In English we have been writing Setting Descriptions and concentrating on adding detail to our writing with adjectives. We have produced some lovely writing with incredible turn of phrases. In Maths we have been discovering money. We started by recognising the different coins and notes, and progressed on to making a certain amount of money with the different coins with the use of piggy banks which the children were very excited about. Unfortunately, they were only paper ones! On Tuesday afternoon we were very lucky to be invited to St Ives to watch their play. The children sat beautifully and thoroughly enjoyed the performance. A bit of a quieter week for us this week but no less busy all the same!


What we shall be working on next week

Next week in English we will be looking at Setting descriptions and will be writing our comments on our reports to tell you about what we think about our learning. In Maths we will be looking at time and learning the times for o’clock and half past. Also this week we will be thinking about the similarities and differences between Churches and Mosques in R.E.

How you can help with home learning

Please practice looking at money with your children over the week and beyond, the more hands-on experience they have with it paying for things, the easier this tricky concept is to understand.