Rabbits wish you a wonderful Summer!


What we have been learning this week

Well, it has finally arrived!  The last week in Rabbit Class and, as always, you have been helpful and thoughtful.   You have sorted, grouped and cleaned things ready for the new children. You have looked back on your learning and how far you have come. 

We enjoyed making a giant spider's web and explored how to move through it! We learned about the use of camouflage by hunting for bright and dull worms. 


The highlight of the week was our class party for which we made our own enchanted bug biscuits, and enjoyed eating them. You were fantastic dancers and supported each other whether you were winners or losers in the games. You are truly amazing! Many, many thanks to Mrs Richardson who delivered delicious ice lollies to end our party. 


What we shall be working on next week(!) 

How to enjoy a fabulous summer break!  Rabbits, you will all be learning all the time!  I have sent home, via book bags, a holiday newsletter giving you some ideas and reassurance that learning will be happening in all you do. In addition to this, there is a Phase 3 letter mat and key words that children could use to keep refreshing their knowledge. 

General information 

It just remains to say a big thank you to children and parents.  It has truly been the greatest pleasure teaching your children. They constantly surprise us and themselves. You are all keen learners and I know you are ready to move your learning onto the next stage. We say goodbye to Jasper and Holly today and wish them good luck in their new schools. 

Finally, we just wanted to say we are so touched by your support and appreciation of all we do. We would like to share one of the amazing surprises we received. 


Happy holidays everyone, and we look forward to seeing you all safe and happy on 6 September. 

Mrs Stevens, Mrs Healey, Mrs Jones