Foxes and Celebration Evening


What we have been learning this week

Foxes really enjoyed preparing for our whole school Celebration Evening this week. They prepared fruits from around the world and made fruit sticks for the children and parents to enjoy during the evening - a big thank you to all who kindly donated money for these.


We raised £27.20 which we will be donating to the NSPCC. Before preparing the fruits we looked up the country of origin of each fruit and located the countries on our class world map. We discussed capital cities, countries and continents that the children knew about.

In literacy this week Foxes have been learning about some of the Wonders of the World which has taken them off to visit many different countries!  From the Eiffel Tower in Paris to Sydney Harbour Bridge in Australia, the children set about finding out interesting facts relating to why and when it was built, its size and where in the world their wonder is. They used their team work skills and sticking at it "Learning Tools" to design and make factual posters, which were wonderful.  Then the children, in small groups, made some models of these different wonders using large bricks for the Great Wall of China and Lego for the Egyptian Pyramids.  Perhaps they can tell you at home some of the interesting facts they have learnt and a future holiday may be planned!



In maths this week Foxes have been learning about halves and quarters and we applied this knowledge when preparing the fruits. The children re-visited finding half and a quarter of a shape. We then moved on to finding half and quarter of a quantity or amount. The children worked in pairs to count out a specified number of cubes and shared them one by one to work out the answer. The children had to remember that sharing in half needed two groups and sharing into quarters needed four groups. It was great to see the children applying their knowledge of double and half facts during these lessons. The children then continued to learn about measures. This week they have focused on using balancing scales to weigh different classroom objects, using non-standard and standard units of measurement.


What we shall be working on next week

Next week we will be looking at some historical artifacts during our literacy session.  Initially, we will discuss what we think they are, how they might have been used and why.  Then we will find out all about them and exactly what they are. How intriguing!

We will also be continuing to learn about how to stay safe over the summer holidays, and we will be using our new school iPads to apply our maths knowledge to some fun games.

How you can help with home learning

It would be useful to continue to expose the children to the language of halves and quarters in various contexts. We have talked about halves being two equal parts and quarters being four equal parts. To find half or quarter of a quantity we taught the children to share an object between groups, one at a time. It would be beneficial to continue to make the link between halves and quarters of shapes, quantities and turns, as we have in class

General Information

Next week we will be sending home all the children's books and learning. Please provide them with a strong, named carrier bag on their peg by Thursday.

We will be collecting all library books in on Monday


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