Rabbits shocking discovery!


What we have been learning this week 

We have been using our bee-bots giving them instructions to get from one place to another. You were amazing at developing your instructions. 


We have been testing some materials to see what keeps things dry and had great fun testing it. 

We enjoyed reading the story “The Fish Who Could Wish” to support our learning of the diagraph sh. We drew our own fish and wrote about their wishes.  You were amazing at using your letter sounds. 

We also looked at lots of shapes - you are very good at spotting them and using them in your pictures.


We did get a surprise this week when we came back to the classroom to find that someone had created a big mess in our environment and had not looked after our things! This led us to discover what it feels like when people don't look after their environment. We realised how important is to look after the world God made and we live in. 


What we shall be working on next week

We will be focusing on diagraphs th and ng. We have a Chinese dance workshop to help us start our Chinese New Year celebrations. We will be adding amounts together. 

How you can help with home learning

Can you learn about how you help to look after Gods world in your house? Find out or help with the recycling. Repair or reuse things instead of throwing them away. 

Can you write a shopping list? 


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Money Money Money


Money Money Money


Busy week for Foxes


Busy week for Foxes