Rabbits are ready to explore the Poles


What we have been learning this week

We have started our topic entitled "Pole to Pole" by thinking about what we know and what we would like to know. We are all keen explorers in our learning, just like polar explorers. 

We have now completed all 26 letter sounds and are quite confident with our blending and segmenting. 

We have really enjoyed conversations about comparing and measuring things by weight and size. 

We have enjoyed hearing about all your super Christmas celebrations, which we used to start our conversation about the giving of gifts and how it makes us feel when we give a gift. This was compared to the gift God gave us of our wonderful world. I really enjoyed your fantastic ideas of what is your favourite part of God's wonderful world. 


What we will shall be working on next week 

Next week we will focus on double letter sounds such as ll, ss, ff and how they make one sound. We will be practicing our sorting and counting. We will be continuing learning about how God created our wonderful world. 

How you can help with home learning

It would be great to do some comparing of things, 'which one do you think is bigger/smaller?' or 'Which one is heavier/lighter?' This could be toys, packages, or any household object. Remember to keep practicing getting dressed and undressed especially if your clothes are inside out. 

General Information

Thank you for the fabulous cards, gifts and best wishes we were given for Christmas - your kind words mean a great deal. Thank you to all those who have signed up to be parent helpers this term. 

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Rabbits rumble in the jungle


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