Rabbits have a go at being news-broadcasters!


What we have been learning this week

Well, you have all been busy learners this week, from being news-broadcasters on the stage to artists and telling subtraction number stories.  You have challenged yourselves in your learning by using previous knowledge in your independent tasks, such as choosing to tell and write your own number stories, building models and measuring them.


You explored another artist and style of painting this week by looking at George Seurat – what fun pointillism is!  You can see from the photographs how hard we concentrated!


We also enjoyed the story of “Red Rockets and Rainbow Jelly” this week which helped us talk to each other about people’s similarities and differences.  We recognised that those things didn’t matter and we could all be friends even if we were different.

What we shall be working on next week

Next week we shall be reading a funny and colourful story called “The Mixed up Chameleon” that will be the starting point to talk about what each person is good at, and celebrating the fact that we are all good at different things.  I wonder if we can invent some crazy creatures like those in the story?

We will also be practising our addition and learning the diagraphs ai and ou.

How you can help with home learning

We have found saying the "th" sound tricky this week so keep practising sticking your tongue out a long way when you say the long sound, and only stick it out a short way when you say the short sound!  Keep playing "Spot the Differences", and carry on practising throwing and catching different things – we tried lots of different things in PE!

General information

Show & Tell on Friday, 2 February will be Squares.