Rabbits get colourful!


What we have been learning this week

Well, what a busy first week, and it’s great to see you back and keen to learn. We have begun our topic on colour with the story “What Colour is Love?”  We learned it was any colour you like in God’s beautiful world. This fitted in with conversations on our value this term, Love and Compassion, which we are trying to  ensure we are showing to everyone. Well done Rabbit Class - you are such kind and caring people.  

So, as we explore colour and different artists we began with Jackson Pollock. What great art critics you are as we discussed some of his paintings, the colours he used, how they made us feel, what they looked like and how he made them. Then we enjoyed exploring for ourselves how to do a drip painting. Look at our art - wow!


We also helped Mrs Stevens when she made a mess by dropping a box!  It really needed sorting so we helped her sort the things in different ways.  


What we shall be working on next week

Next week we will be focusing on the digraph “sh”. We will link this to shapes, in many ways, including looking at the artist Mondrian. We will be making sure we practise our skills of one more and one less. 

How you can help with home learning

We recently sent home some "tricky trucks".  These had words on that can’t be sounded-out but that we do need to recognise and read straight away. Please practise these by cutting them up and using as flashcards, or by pinning them up around the house. 

Also, can you spot shapes around your house?  What is your favourite shape and why? 

General information

Happy New Year to all our families and welcome to a new member of our class, Elizabeth. 


Finally, a huge "Thank You" for all your generosity at the end of last term - cards, gifts and vouchers - it was very thoughtful and much appreciated.  Thank you!


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Foxes enjoy their Wey Assembly experience


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Badgers get creative with the Wey Assemblies Team