Rabbits enjoy Chinese New Year celebrations


What we have been learning this week

We have continued our learning on Chinese New Year making links in our phonics by learning the ch digraph and the ear trigraph. We have looked at traditional Chinese celebrations, made lucky envelopes, written Chinese numbers and picked things up with chopsticks. We have learned the story about the Chinese zodiac and why each year is named after an animal. This story means we have explored ordinal numbers first, second, third etc ... 

We have built some model dragons, and written poems and menus for the Chinese restaurant. 

We have danced with ribbons to Chinese music.


And in case you didn't see our snow fun picture on the school Facebook site, here it is!


What we will be working on next week 

We will be reading a story called Poles Apart to help us learn about polar bears and penguins. We will be joined by our own polar exploring governor who will tell us about her explorations. So we will get our questions ready ! 

How you can help with home learning 

Ask your child to tell you about the Chinese New Year story. Try to use ordinal numbers in daily life, first , second third. 

General Information

Thank you for the offers of support in the classroom it really does help. 

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