Fox Class and their wonderful Class Assembly!


What we have been learning this week

This week was Fox Class Assembly. Well done to all the children for speaking and singing so clearly. You did brilliantly!

In English this week we have explored poems and had a good discussion about what makes a poem. The children decided that poems don't have to rhyme but need to make pictures in your mind. The children were shown a repeating poem and had to change aspects of it to write their own poem about Winter. They began by working in groups to think of good adjectives to describe things they would see, hear, feel, smell and taste in Winter. Each group then went on to share their ideas so that in forthcoming sessions the children could plan and write a repeating poem describing Winter.


In maths the children have used a range of objects and drawings to explore the link between addition and subtraction. We had to remember that for subtraction the largest number always comes first and that in addition the largest number will be the answer or the total.


In our topic sessions we have explored our school value of Love & Compassion.  In PHSE the children discussed the differences and similarities between love and compassion, before sharing about someone or something that they love. They then worked together to draw examples of being compassionate, and we joined their ideas together make a paper chain of compassion. 

In RE the children reviewed their knowledge about the Bible and the stories it contains. They then added speech or thought bubbles to images of Bible stories to show how the stories set an example of love and compassion. 

How you can help with home learning

The children have spent time practising counting in 2s, 5s and 10s.  Please continue to practise counting in these patterns at home. It is also very helpful for the children if they are able to start counting from different starting points, instead of always starting at zero. We have also modelled counting in different patterns combined, for example counting in 5s and then swapping to count on in 1s. 

General information

Enjoy your half -term holiday and we look forward to seeing you all again on Monday, 19 February! 


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