Badgers are still in Jamaica!


What we have been learning this week

This week we have taken a trip to Jamaica. In English we have been writing about Jamaica and thinking about how the island looks. We have all written some facts about the island and we will be writing them up to show you all that we have learned.

In maths this week Badger Class have been looking at data handling or, as it is now known as, statistics.  We have learnt how to tally by collecting data as a class about our favourite fruit snacks. We have drawn our own pictograms, answered questions about the information that they show and also investigated the different scales shown in pictograms.


During the afternoons we built and finished our 3D models which have been a bit messy but we are looking forward to sharing them with you next week at our Class Assembly on Wednesday. We worked really well as a team to get them done on time and worked on sharing and teamwork.


We have also been learning a song which you may know quite well, sung by a Jamaican singer, Bob Marley. We have talked about the meaning of the words in the first verse which ties in with our value this half term, ‘Love’, and created a dance together based around this song. We have also been learning about algorithms for computing, with Mrs Kibbler getting a bit messy following the children’s instructions...!


What we shall be working on next week

Next week in maths we will be learning about bar graphs to show information and practise how to answer questions about what we can learn from the graph. In English we will be learning some poems and writing some of our own.

How you can help with home learning

To support your child at home it would be great if you could practise spellings with them. We always note in the back of their yellow spelling books which spellings the children have found tricky.  Looking over them and practising them at home would be a huge help. We would also like to look more at dictionaries and so looking at any examples that you might have at home would be really helpful. It’s always great to understand how they work!

General Information

As Mrs Morris has mentioned in the newsletter this week, please note that Badger Class children have the opportunity to change their library book on a Thursday.

Next Wednesday is our Class Assembly at 2.30pm, followed by “Stay & Share”, when we would love to see you and share our work with you in class afterwards.  This week’s homework will be to practise our song ‘One Love’ and also read the story of Anansi which the children will be performing for you.

A heads-up that we will be arranging a trip to the Rural Life Centre after half-term as a start to our new topic so watch out for further information.  I would also be grateful for any parental support for PE on a Wednesday afternoon. There is no need to participate, just walk over to the field with us and generally keep an eye on the children whilst we enjoy our PE lesson. Of course, if there are any athletes out there willing to do some coaching, you are always welcome to participate!







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