Badgers and their fractions!


What we have been learning this week 

This week in maths Badger Class have been learning about fractions. So far the children have been able to identify "half" of a variety of different shapes and "half" of a quantity. They have also moved on to identifying quarters of different shapes. 

In English this week the children have been looking at letters and how these are structured.  The children went on to plan and write a letter using the correct structure. 

In their topic work this week, Badger Class began to learn about their new topic, "Where would we be without the Victorians?".  The children began the topic by sharing what they know already and asking questions about what they would like to find out. They also spent time looking at the Victorian time-line. 


What we shalll be working on next week

Next week the children will be continuing to look at fractions.  They will revise a "quarter" of a shape and begin to look at a "quarter" of a quantity. In English the children will be writing a letter to a character, using their knowledge learnt this week about the structure of a letter.

How you can help with home learning

Please continue to read with your child at home. When you read with your child please make sure you write it down in their reading record so we know how they are doing at home. At any opportunity please try and count in steps of 2, 5 and 10. If they can do this, try counting in steps of 3. 

General Information

Please make sure your child has the correct PE kit in school for both indoor and outdoor PE.  Many thanks.

Don't forget that next Friday, 2 March, is a mufti day when the children may come to school dressed as a book character to celebrate World Book  Day.


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