Foxes impress with their scientific thinking


What we have been learning this week

This week we have been carrying out different assessments with the children to see what knowledge they have been able to understand and what things we need to review again. We had great fun making our Hot Cross Buns on Tuesday for Easter Pause Day and were able to impress the Wey assembly team with our knowledge of the Easter Story. In Science we carried out our experiment to see which material was strongest to build a house from. We looked at why the brick house was strongest. The children were able to impress me with their scientific thinking.


What we will be learning next week

After Easter we will be looking at capacity and volume in maths and beginning to look at leaflet writing in english. We will start our topic of 'out of this world' by looking at some history.

How parents can help with home learning

The most important thing to do this Easter is to rest and have fun! Alongside that, continue to do a little bit of reading each day and have a look at any spellings that your child found tricky from this half term. Have another look at your activity passport and see if you can fill out any activities and as always if you can, take some pictures to show us.