Water fun for foxes


What we have been learning this week

This week we have been learning all about volume and using the water to help us describe volume. We had an experiment with different non-standard measures and it took us around 25 mini glasses full to fill our bucket, one group even had to put in 40! In English I was very impressed with the children’s recounts of the Easter Holidays and thoroughly enjoyed reading all about their exciting adventures. We moved on to learning about leaflets and their features. We have started to look at Tim Peake and created lots of questions about what information we would like to find out to put into our leaflet about him. We started our topic of ‘Out of this world’ by looking at the first moon landing and the historical figure of Neil Armstrong - we have made some lovely posters all about him and will be putting some on display in the next few weeks. In art we have looked at 2 different artists who paint the night sky. We compared and contrasted them and described what we liked about them to be able to create our own paintings in the style of one of them.  


What we shall be working on next week

Next week we will continue with our leaflet by starting to plan it with the information we have discovered about Tim Peake in English. In Maths we will start to look at Multiplication. In topic we will be planning how to make our very own space rockets with recycling materials.

How parents can help with home learning

Over the weekend please have a look at the questions about Tim Peake and find the information for a couple of them. Spellings this week have the pattern of adding ‘s’ to make the word plural and ‘es’ if the word sounds like it gains a syllable.

General Information

Please ensure that P.E kit is in school every Monday and Wednesday. We also are pleased to welcome Mrs Price to the Year 1 team and look forward to her getting stuck in and helping us with our learning. Forest School will start again on Thursday.