Rabbits and a big red bath!


What we have been learning this week

This week we have used the story "The Big Red Bath" to think about alliteration, using our imaginations in our play, counting rubber ducks and investigating floating and sinking. There was some great investigations into floating and sinking, why things float and why things sink. Great ideas everyone!


We have been continuing to use the learning tool of "working together" in lots of subjects  and we are getting much better at this. Well done everyone - keep up the good work!


We all really enjoyed being able to bring in something special to us and our teachers were amazed at all the different things we brought in. We loved listening to your reasons for why your object was special with so many different ideas. 


What we shall be working on next week

Next week is all about bread!  Yes, we will be making some and tasting some!  We are looking forward to our Harvest Festival Service and hope to see you in church on Thursday to help us celebrate. 

We will be learning to tell the story "The Little Red Hen" as this will link to being kind and helpful to others. We are still working on careful counting, ordering numbers and spotting missing numbers.

How you can help with home learning

Keep playing "I spy" as the children are already off to a good start and it doesn't have to be just in the car!  Try actually having objects on a table in front of them to really help them think about the initial letter sound. Keep investigating floating and sinking at bath time - we found lots of things that did both and discussed why they floated at first and then sank. 

Geneal Information

Please, please make sure all items of clothing are named with your child's name. 

We really look forward to seeing you at the "How we teach reading" (Yr R Literacy Meeting) on Wednesday at 2.15pm and hope you will find it useful as we begin teaching phonics very soon. 

You should have a new library book today to share for the weekend. At the moment we will change books on a Friday and I will hope to recruit one of you lovely parents to be our librarian for after half-term! 

For parent helpers, I will place a timetable with available spots for you to sign up to with the aim to start after half term.  However, please speak to Karen in the office about completing your DBS check before signing up. 


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Badgers plan to get baking!


Badgers plan to get baking!