Noah’s ark was needed this week!



What we have been learning this week 

We have been talking about capacity and comparing the amount of liquid in a container as all pirates need to know how much pirate juice is in their bottle!!! 


We have been practising using our digraphs especially the pirate one ar!!!
We have enjoyed the story of Noah's ark and used it for making counting number stories for repeatedly adding 2. You are all counting carefully and telling such good number stories. We also learned about the importance of rules and why we have them to help us make good choices. we have enjoyed working with our partners to paint pairs of animals. 

What we shall be working on next week

We will be learning about Daniel in the lions den, we will be learning about the word 'all' and words that rhyme with it all, ball,call,tall. 

General Information

Keep talking about how much is in a container, is it full, half full or empty? Guess how many small containers it will take to fill a larger container. Maybe you can do this in the bath!